Grainsong is about good bread, made for the local community with locally grown and processed ingredients. In our area we are extremely fortunate to have the Mendocino Grain Project, which both grows and stone mills their own heirloom whole wheats. They grow and mill to an exceptional standard of quality, with utmost focus on flavor and environmental impact. These flours inspire our breads, and their unique properties drive us to perfect our recipes to best highlight their personalities. 



Grainsong bread is straightforward. Our loaves are not decorative. They're meant to be torn apart and consumed as fresh as possible. They are deeply flavorful, with very dark hearty crusts and light moist crumbs.

The name Grainsong refers to the 'song of bread' which is the crackling noise crusts make as they cool soon after being taken out of the oven. The sound is a gentle, brittle and woody tintinnabulation. Grainsong also describes our attempt to 'sing the grains', expressing in bread what the flours have to communicate.